• What does Friends of Fairview Do?

    The main purpose of Friends of Fairview is to raise funds to support the health and wellbeing of Fairview Fire Rescue.  We have three main programs that you can read about on the About Us page:  Holiday Flag Program, Pancake Breakfasts, and T-Shirt Sales.  The citizen volunteers work to organize, support, and manage these programs. 

  • How can I participate in the Holiday Flag Program?

    You can pick up a form at any of our events, or from any of the Board Members.  Also, you can easily sign up for the program online.

  • Can I pre-order tickets for the Pancake Breakfast?

    Yes, you can.  You can buy a ticket at one of our events, but you can also purchase a ticket in advance online. You can also buy a ticket at the door.

  • Why can’t the Pancake Breakfasts be at just Station 2?

    Each of the stations serves a different part of Fairview.  It is only fair to those in the Fairview #1 area that a breakfast be held close to them.  Also, different firefighters are assigned to each of the stations.  Each squad likes to have the opportunity to show off their stations.  The stations aren’t really that far apart, so we hope you’ll visit at both of the stations. 

  • What does Friends of Fairview do with the money it raises?

    There are a number of ways we have contributed to the firefighters.  The initial purpose was to raise funds to buy Class A uniforms for all of the firefighters.  These are used for special occasions, such as attending the funerals for West firefighters several years ago, awards ceremonies, parades, etc.

    We have purchased exercise equipment, specifically, commercial stair steppers, for each of the stations.  Firefighters need to stay in shape and these are much better than the treadmills they have.

    We also provided desserts for the firefighters and their families on special holidays.  Because the fire department is 24/7, there are always firefighters who are on duty on Thanksgiving and Christmas.  The City of Fairview donated a turkey, families brought side dishes, and Friends of Fairview provided pies and ice cream for Thanksgiving.  We will do the same for Christmas.

    We sponsored an Awards Banquet for the firefighters and their spouses on January 17th at Heritage Ranch ballroom.  This is the first time for this recognition dinner, but it is something that the firefighters have requested.  We will continue to do this.

    We have asked that the firefighters provide us a list of extras we can provide to help make their jobs easier.  Each of these activities is presented at our monthly board meeting and is voted on by board members. 

  • What other programs does Friends of Fairview have?

    Friends of Fairview represents the fire department at various community functions, including the Chamber of Commerce, Heritage Ranch Health and Art Fairs, and other meetings.

    Because we will start our own EMS services in April 2015, we will no longer be affiliated with AMR.  AMR has provided the free File of Life which is meant to hang on one’s refrigerator and provides medical information about residents.  Friends of Fairview will be distributing these in the future and they will be available at all Friends of Fairview functions, as well as at the fire stations.

    Friends of Fairview is also promoting the use of Knox Boxes.  The Knox Box Residential Program is meant for individuals who have medical problems or who live alone.  A Knox-Box can be installed on your door to allow responders to enter your home unassisted.  It also prevents them from resorting to a forced entry and possible damage to the home.  The Knox Box Residential Program enhances Fairview’s Fire and Rescue Department’s response time.

  • How can I just donate?

    You can easily donate funds, by sending a check to:

    Friends of Fairview Firefighters Association

    500 St. Hwy. 5

    Fairview, TX 75069

                        If requested, we can send you a tax donation form.

                        You can also donate online by clicking here.

  • Can I have a birthday party at the fire station?

    Birthday parties can be easily arranged by contacting the fire station.  Station #2 has a community room where the party can be held.

  • Can I tour the fire station?

    Tours are offered during the Pancake Breakfasts, so if you attend, you can see the station then.  Otherwise, contact the fire station to set up a time for your tour.  This can be done for various groups.

  • How is the Fairview Fire Rescue set up?

    Fairview is served by a combination fire department consisting of full and part-time paid members as well as volunteers. The fire district includes both incorporated and unincorporated areas within a 13 square mile area.  The department also provides mutual aid for the cities of Allen, McKinney, Lucas and Lowery Crossing. FFR Department responds to all fire and medical emergency calls with response times comparable to the local bigger-city departments. All of the Department's 47 members are either Texas Commission on Fire Protection Certified Firefighters, or are the equivalent State Fire Firemen's and Fire Marshall's Association Certified, and all have EMT Medial Certification.

    FFR has two fire stations that are staffed on a 24/7 basis to provide immediate response to the needs of the citizens it serves.

    Housing, apparatus and equipment is provided through the Town of Fairview. However, new initiatives & programs that will increase safety, efficiencies and the wellness of the members is currently not funded or budgeted by the town. That is where the donations from citizens and business owners is so appreciated and needed. Please support your Fairview Fire Rescue Department with a charitable contribution.

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