Friends of Fairview has moved to recurring billing for all credit card payments related to the Holiday Flag Program. This was done to save money on advertising and other expenses related to notifying folks to renew their annual flag subscription.


How it works

Every year around Jan. 1st we will send all subscribers a renewal notification via email. This notification lets subscribers know we will be processing their credit card automatically for the Holiday Flag Program. We will also have a “Cancel Subscription” link that allows the subscriber to request cancellation via email.



We take security seriously. The Friends of Fairview website does not store credit card information. All customer identifiable information is stored with bank level encrypted security (SSL) behind a geo-fenced firewall with highly restricted access on U.S. Servers.  For Recurring billing, our payment processing company stores a masked copy of the credit card information. Here is a link for more information. is a VISA owned company.


Cancelling Subscription

A subscriber may cancel their subscription at any time by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  If paying by credit card is not preferred subscribers can pay by check or cash by completing the the sign-up form here

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