Welcome to Friends of Fairview

Welcome to Friends of Fairview Firefighters Association. Our mission is to provide community awareness for the needs of the Fairview Fire Rescue Department and find financial and non-financial solutions to enhance the health and well-being of its members.

This website provides information about Friends of Fairview, the programs we offer, the events we sponsor and ways that you can help support our firefighters.


Holiday Flag Program

This is our 10th year offering the holiday flag program, and the flags look beautiful lining neighborhood streets on the 7 holidays. Thank you all for your past participation

This year, we would strongly urge you to pay by credit card on our secure, encrypted, payment page. This saves our volunteers countless hours of payment processing time, and improves the accuracy and delivery of your flag. Click the American flag on the right side of this page to access our secure payment site.

We still offer "Pay by Check", just click on the image, on the right side of this page, to download the PDF form.


Fall 2020 Pancake Breakfast

Next Pancake Breakfast will be in the Spring of 2020, we'll have more information soon.


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